Boardwalk in need of funding

Merimbula Boardwalk
Merimbula Boardwalk

Council has said that it has been aware of the need to renew the Merimbula Boardwalk for several years.

The much-loved boardwalk is popular with tourists but also with many locals who use it for early morning walks or in the case of the Park Run group, weekly runs on Saturday mornings.

It was a project of the Commonwealth Department of Employment Training and Education and was built in stages from mid to late 1990s.

Although there has been maintenance with replacement boards, the structure itself has moved and in one particular spot towards the causeway, has produced a slight camber towards the water on a bend.

Council said that $3-4m has been estimated as the cost to renew the existing boardwalk, although the figure would be refined once detailed designs were completed.

"It has been included in council's infrastructure prospectus and continues to be included in major project priorities," council said.

However replacement may not be a simple matter as council explained it is a major project in a sensitive area, with requirements for planning and approvals needing much greater attention now, than when it was first built.

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A grant funding application for planning work was submitted in 2019, however that was unsuccessful.

The News Weekly asked what money has been put aside in the asset management plan towards the boardwalk's renewal.

"There are funds identified in the Draft 20/21 budget ($70,000) to progress with planning and there is a project in the Draft 20/21 Operational Plan (Project - Investigate funding options for the Merimbula Boardwalk renewal project)," council said.