Jigamy's 40-year journey documented

Jigamy Farm and the Twofold Aboriginal Corporation (TAC) will celebrate 40 years of history and culture with the release of a special documentary which has been filmed over several days recently.

Journalist and filmmaker Toni Houston who worked on The Peacemaker, the story of Ossie Cruse, which was screened on Australian Story, has been filming and directing assisted by Bega filmmaker Raymond Toms.

Ms Houston said that they had interviewed Aboriginal Elders and young people who recalled spending time as they were growing up at Jigamy Farm.

"We've had four days of intensive filming and capturing the history of the farm and giving voice to TAC and their plans," Ms Houston said.

TAC CEO Chris Bird said it was hoped to screen the film in November.

One of TAC's missions has been about creating activity and employment opportunities to help alleviate Aboriginal poverty in the area, Mr Bird said. He said the documentary would cover the last 40 years of TAC and future plans.