Return of the long distance runners

A delighted Dane Waites joined around Australia runner Andre Jones on a section of his run between Eden and Merimbula as he was passing through on his 15,134km journey to raise money for charity.

Andre is a retired Royal Australian Navy veteran, who ran solo from Melbourne to Darwin in 2017, plans to run an average of more than a marathon a day for about 350 days, and all the while pushing a buggy weighing up to 100kg carrying food, water and equipment.

When Andre put the call out for runners of all levels to join him on any part of the journey, naturally our thoughts turned to Dane Waites, our very own champion marathon man who in September 2017 came home to Pambula after running 4000km from Perth. 

After mum Junee established contact with Andre it was arranged that the two would meet at the Nethercote Road turn off at the side of the Yowaka River and run into Merimbula together.

For Dane it was the first run in nine weeks after having foot surgery and he was delighted to be back pounding the pavements.

"Dane was able to point out different things as they travelled along," Junee explained.

The pair walked and run as Andre was pushing his buggy.

"It was nine weeks to the day since Dane had his surgery and it was the most beautiful way for him to get back running," Junee said.

When they arrived at Merimbula the pair said their farewells and Dane took off heading to Tura Beach, Junee said.