Dementia awareness month

Nola Hergenhan at the dementia information stall at Tura Beach.
Nola Hergenhan at the dementia information stall at Tura Beach.

September is Dementia Awareness month and all things around memory concerns were being promoted at the dementia stall at the shopping centre at Tura Beach on Thursday, September 13.

Nola Hergenhan said the aim was to promote the idea of people becoming dementia friends.

“We’re trying to reduce the stigma around dementia and are asking people to go online and watch four short YouTube videos where they can learn more about dementia and become more supportive.

For anyone concerned about their own memory or that of a friend or family member, there was plenty of information available including pointers to the 10 signs of dementia, strategies you can adopt if you are concerned about your memory and how you can protect your brain and your memory.

Factors associated with a reduced risk of developing dementia include being mentally, physically and socially active, maintaining healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight, eating healthily, not smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation.

Visit for more information or call the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 for a confidential chat about concerns for yourself or others.