Political in-fighting spills into streets: Your Say

Corrie Shepherd and daughter Meri of Tathra
Corrie Shepherd and daughter Meri of Tathra

As the political circus in Canberra rolls on, we asked the people in the streets for their views.

The Bega Valley is part of the federal Eden-Monaro electorate, currently held by Labor’s Mike Kelly, but previously a long-standing bellwether seat, in the hands of whoever sat in the top job.

As of 12.55pm Friday, that top job is now former Treasurer Scott Morrison’s of the Liberal Party.

Corrie Shepherd and daughter Meri of Tathra were browsing the stores of Pambula on the Far South Coast of NSW.

“Since what happened between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard I have stayed away from the whole schmozzle, let everyone fight it out and when we come upon a decent leader once again then we will have something to stand for."

Gerard Kelly of Merimbula

“I wish they would get on with looking after the country and the problems of the country, they should forget about their internal fighting.”

In Eden, locals enjoying their lunch at local cafes were unsure what to make of it all.

“I just wish that our politicians would get on with the job they elected to do...and stop chopping and changing,” one woman said.

“I’m really quite scared that the parliament is given all the power to decide what goes on our world and we keep voting them in,” added her dining partner.

On the spill: “It’s pretty typical of any government, any party at the moment – they’re  all a worry.”

Another voice in Eden was more forceful

“I think they’re a bunch of idiots and they should run the country not the blame game,” she said.