Council parking report

Car parking in Merimbula is once again a topic for council as it prepares to release a report from Zenith Town Planning who council commissioned for the review.

Listed for the council meeting on Wednesday, June 13, the Zenith Review found that council’s historic development contributions plans have been sound and based on the information available to the consultant, and contributions made under those plans appear to have been levied in accordance with relevant legislation and policy.

The review also finds that there are currently “adequate parking spaces provided in the Merimbula CBD as required by development consent conditions for all historic commercial developments in the Merimbula CBD”.

It goes on to say that there is evidence that council has actually used funds from sources other than contributions to construct public car parking where land has been dedicated through subdivision or acquired through general revenue.

Council has said there will be discussions with the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce prior to the report being released publicly.

In other matters the Pambula Pony Club and a seemingly straightforward proposal for fencing will come into the spotlight. The matter was deferred from an earlier meeting where it was being discussed.

There were some strong comments made by councillors Robyn Bain and Russell Fitzpatrick about the type of fencing the Pony Club proposed. However in the interim, the club has sent a letter to council taking issue with the comments and offering further information about their choice of steel pickets in the light of the likely removal of the fencing later when work starts at the Pambula Sporting Complex.

Council will also look at the results of the public exhibition for the Lake Street Shared Path Project in Merimbula which provides feedback on the key concerns from the community. A recommendation is put forward to proceed with Option A with further options for consideration discussed in the report.