Cliff rescue: Green Cape surfer winched to safety

A 31-year-old surfer who fell 6-7 metres down a cliff near Green Cape Lighthouse on Sunday morning was winched to safety and airlifted to Canberra Hospital by the Toll Rescue Helicopter.

Eden SES volunteer Nev Cowgill said the surfer “smashed both his ankles” in the fall.

Mr Cowgill said the SES received the call for help at about 10am.

With no mobile phone coverage at the site, the man’s mates walked 2.5-3km to the lighthouse to raise the alarm, he said.

“A group of about five or six surfers left the water and were climbing up the cliff when one of them fell from about half way,” he said.

Six members from Eden SES attended, as well as Bega SES, police and ambulances.  

A police spokesman said the accident happened on the south facing headland off Green Cape Lighthouse Road.

“Upon arrival the male victim was conscious and being supported by two other people,” the spokesman said.

“Police secured the area and created a command post at the top of a narrow walking track that led down to the victim.

“Ambulance officers attended and requested the use of a helicopter to assist with the extraction of the victim.

“Air ambulance attended and two paramedics were lowered to the location.

“With assistance of SES the injured person was eventually winched aboard the helicopter and taken to hospital for treatment,” he added.

Bega SES Rod Gould said four volunteers from Bega also attended the scene.

“I’ve been told that it’s a pretty popular spot for surfers when the surf’s up,” he said.