Pet of the week: Help find Jackie a home

Jackie likes company and isn’t good at being left home alone. She’s happy to hang with her owner, inside preferably and sleeps inside. Jackie is house trained. She doesn’t chase stock or wildlife and is friendly with other dogs when off lead.

Every morning she enjoys an hour on the beach playing with her doggie friends. After that exercise she is happy and settled. While on the lead she does pull and can become aggressive towards other dogs but this could be overcome with the use of a halti or suitable chest-leading harness.

She is an affectionate dog and great company for a kelpie-loving owner looking for a settled dog. Jackie comes wither own bedding and bowls. Enquiries about Jackie or one of the other dogs available – such as Vinny the young Stumpy tail red cattle dog or Spud the English Staffy – through Animal Welfare League NSW Far South Coast Volunteer Branch can be made on 0400 372 and many can be viewed at Cats and kittens are available through Sapphire Coast Branch of RSPCA and can be seen on Sapphire Coast branch of RSPCA Facebook page.

Adoption fees are subsidized for cats and dogs adopted through RSPCA or AWLNSW and all are de-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and vet checked before adoption so that the hard work is taken care of. Become a member of RSPCA or AWLNSW so you can help us help the animals in our Shire. Contact AWL at or call 0400372609 and RSPCA on 0419267799 to apply.

Keep pets happy and healthy during the cold. When the temperature drops, it is best to avoid leaving your pets outside but if you do need to take them outside, a coat is a good idea. If your pets do have to stay outside for some reason they will need to be protected by a dry, draft free kennel. As keeping warm depletes energy, they will need more food and they of course still need fresh water (but you need to make sure it has not frozen and that the dish is plastic as pets tongues can stick to frozen metal). Cats and birdlife tend to seek out warm engines in parked cars so it is a good idea to bang on your car hood to scare them away before you start your engine.

July is National Desexing Month so if you know of anyone who still hasn’t had their pets desexed, please encourage them to do so before the next breeding season in August/September and help stop the needless death of unwanted kittens and pups.