Bypass landscape designs not fixed in concrete

As the Merimbula bypass roadworks get well and truly underway, the next project, and one that council wants our views on, is landscaping at the corner of Monaro and Market Streets.

Project engineer David Buckley said that the reconfiguration of the Market and Monaro Street intersection, the final stage of the Merimbula CBD Bypass, creates several new public spaces in this prominent, high use, gateway location.

The community is not being asked to develop a plan from scratch but to comment on proposals developed by a council working group, with the assistance of Spiire Landscape Architects, the consultants who produced the Merimbula CBD Landscape Masterplan.

The group includes Mr Buckley and council staff members Penny Green (assets department) who is also a qualified landscape architect, Cecily Hancock (planning and environment) Toby Schaeffer-Darling (community leisure and recreation), the mayor Kristy McBain and councillors Sharon Tapscott, Mitchell Nadin and Jo Dodds.

The group has developed a landscape schematic design for the intersection and the design is being exhibited for public comment, prior to finalisation of the design.

The work will be carried out during the latter stages of the intersection construction; comments close July 28 and you can Have Your Say here or by emailing

Quadrant 1 – Key Focal Point visible from all approaches

Opportunity for vertical sculptural element (kinetic or static) that is visible from all approaches (approximate height 2 – 3m) which does not require under-grounding of overhead power.

Include feature paving to highlight pedestrian spaces and access paths.

Consider up-lighting to sculptural element.

Quadrant 2 – Public / Private transition

Soften space with planted area in raised planter.

Include signature tree within raised planter.

Provide 450mm high x 600mm deep linear seating wall with 400mm high x 300mm deep concrete back made from pre-cast concrete units.

Include timber battens in selected locations along seating wall.

Provide seating opportunities along interface with private development deck area.

Alternate location for seahorse sculpture within garden bed area.

Include feature paving to highlight pedestrian spaces and access paths. Ensure 3m wide clear paved area behind back of kerb.

Consider up-lighting to feature tree, seahorse sculpture and strip lighting to linear seating.

Quadrant 3 – Civic Plaza

Provide welcoming civic plaza space with seating to capture views towards Merimbula Lake.

Deck area of timber which provides seating platforms of 300mm, 600mm and 900mm above finished paving level.

Provide path/ramp to access each level in accordance with DDA.

Include retaining wall along western and northern edges of the deck area to retain adjacent garden bed area. Height varies 900mm to 1400mm high.

Provide garden bed area to soften space and provide shade to upper deck level.

Raise the ground plane and garden bed with 1:3 batter to provide vertical structure to the space.

Consider strip lighting to linear seating platforms.