North Tura thoughts on recreation space to be heard

Bega Valley Shire Council has scheduled a listening post for residents regarding the Tura Head Coastal Reserve.

The North Tura Beach Residents Association has welcomed this news claiming it is the perfect opportunity to discuss the proposed establishment of public recreation open space in the Dolphin Cove-The Point area of north Tura Beach.

The North Tura Beach Residents Association has put forward a plan for the area leading to the steps down to North Tura Beach.

The association claims that before residential development in the 1990s the area was mostly cleared former dairy farm pasture.

While the area is officially zoned as RE1 – Public Recreation Open Space – the residents claim that council has not made any improvements to the landscape and that the area “has been overgrown by unsightly re-growth scrub and weeds”.

The organisation hopes to see 10 per cent of the zoned area upgraded to include proper all-weather pathways to disabled standard and the clearing and replacement of regrowth scrub and weeds with environmentally sensible low-growing native plantings.

The North Tura Beach Residents Association (NTBRA), representing more than 60 paid members welcomed council’s ‘listening post’ community consultation and urged all residents to take part.

“This is a once-only democratic opportunity to have your say on an important community issue,” NTBRA interim president Jon Gaul said.

“Although North Tura Beach is a modern suburb and one of the fastest-growing parts of Bega shire, it has far fewer parks, ovals and public recreation open spaces than most of our shire.

“This plan does not change any zoning or interfere with dedicated environmentally sensitive zones along the coastal edge.”

Mr Gaul said the residents group recognised there would be opinions both for and against the plan, but said they abhorred the thought of signs and bollards installed and believed the ‘listening post’ would be the best way to reconcile differences.

The listening post is scheduled for Thursday, June 29,from 4:30 – 5:30 and a workshop from 5:30 – 8:30.