Hunting equipment seized in crackdown

The seized hunting equipment.
The seized hunting equipment.

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Game Licensing Unit has seized hunting equipment as part of a compliance crack-down over the June long weekend in southern NSW.Game Licensing Unit

Compliance Team Leader, Troy Hogarth, said compliance activities uncovered illegal activity in a number of State Forests in southern regions of NSW.

“In conjunction with NSW Police the weekend compliance operation successfully targeted illegal hunting activity and identified some areas of non-compliance by NSW game hunting licence holders,” Mr Hogarth said.

“A number of offences were detected and a range of penalties will be applied from warnings to Court Attendance Notices.

“Offences included hunting without a licence, breaches of licence conditions and offences relating to hunting and using a firearm or other weapons.”

Mr Hogath said DPI compliance officers and NSW Police Officers confiscated a range of hunting equipment as part of the operation.

“A number of hunting related items were seized, including a firearm and ammunition along with two compound bows and arrows, hunting dog protective breast plates and dog tracking collars, Mr Hogarth said.

“Knives and other hunting equipment including GPS units, binoculars and a range finder were also seized.

“Awareness and overall compliance by licensed hunters was good, but we remind all hunters that if they intend to hunt in a State Forest they must possess a current NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence and meet all the legal requirements.”

Under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002, illegal hunters face fines of up to $5500 and forfeiture of hunting equipment including vehicles.

Investigations into a number of illegal hunting reports over the June long weekend are also continuing, and covert camera surveillance footage is also being reviewed.