Park fire bans declared in some National Parks

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has imposed Park Fire Bans in some south coast National Parks and Reserves and advises visitors to check the NPWS Visitor website or the local NPWS office for information regarding Park Fire Bans before visiting.

The fire bans have been imposed due to the current very dry conditions and the forecast extended periods of hot dry weather ahead – in the interest of public safety and property protection.

The Park Fire Bans prohibit all campfires and solid fuel (wood, heat beads, charcoal, briquettes, hexamite) barbecues and stoves.

Visitor-owned gas and electric barbecues and cookers are permitted as long as:

* They're under direct control of an adult;

* The ground within 2 metres of the barbecue is cleared of all flammable materials; and

* There's an adequate supply of water (minimum of a bucket).

Parks affected by the bans are:

Deua National Park, Morton National Park

, South East Forests National Park

, Jerrawangala National Park

, Berlang State Conservation Area

, Budgong National Park

, Monga National Park & State

Conservation Area,Parma Creek Nature Reserve

, Wadbilliga National Park

, Colymea State Conservation Area, Gourock National Park, Barren Grounds Nature Reserve

, Tallaganda National Park & State

Conservation Area

, Budderoo National Park

, Budawang National Park

, Bungonia National Park

, Bimberamala National Park.

A Park Fire Ban is not a Total Fire Ban as it only applies to places within the boundaries of National Parks, Nature Reserves and State Conservation Areas managed by the NPWS.

The bans will stay in place until further notice pending widespread and significant rain. 

For more information about fire safety see