Merimbula Letters to the Editor, May 26

Mayor Russell Fitzpatrick presents Further Education Scholarship Awards to students for 2020 and 2021, to help develop local student's skills. See story Page 15.
Mayor Russell Fitzpatrick presents Further Education Scholarship Awards to students for 2020 and 2021, to help develop local student's skills. See story Page 15.

Aircraft fuel clarification

I reply to the letter from Deb Woof, Concerns over runway, (MNW, 19/5).

Obviously, another letter with absolutely no correct facts. Jet aircraft and turbo prop aircraft do not use avgas as a fuel.

Jet aircraft and turbo prop aircraft use avtur. Avgas is used by small aircraft with piston engines and is similar to petrol as used by cars and boat outboard engines and as used by the oyster farmers.

There is absolutely no evidence that modern aircraft with gas turbine engines would increase pollution from unburnt fuel during normal operation.

Ian Franks, Merimbula

Outfall defies logic

Fine words from the shire as it participates in developing a "circular economy" in the shire. Yet they are currently intending to dump partially treated effluent in our bay, a singularly linear act of negative social or economic benefit. It defies logic and simply endorses the old adage that actions speak louder than words.

Robert Geary, Merimbula

White elephants

On council's draft budget and operational plan: 37% employee costing is outrageous, start getting rid of all the white elephants the council has bought and stop buying more.

James Troy, Merimbula

Incredulous at spill

Isn't it incredulous that the BVSC et al are now amazed that the recent heavy rainfall has caused leachate to flow into Wolumla Creek/Bega River! For god's sake, the monstrosity was built only some 600 metres uphill from the most important freshwater course in the Valley! What did they expect?

I can clearly remember our very real concerns being quickly dismissed and told by those in power that the site had been meticulously designed to prevent leachate escape. The huge leachate storage dams were, after all, the size of 10 Olympic swimming pools and could easily retain water from a "one in 25 year" rainfall event. What they didn't allow for was two such events happening sequentially. So much for mitigation plans!

We implored them, over and over, not to develop the facility on the edge of our most valuable watercourse, and questioned their idea that a massive dam system would solve all the problems. The concept that the more leachate stored on the cusp of the Bega River would only magnify the risks of a major disaster, when the overflow occurred, was simply ignored!

And now it's unbelievable that the terms "significant rainfall events", "due diligence", "downstream customers", "daily monitoring", "testing" and "diluted" are being bandied around like nobody's business. But we can draw some comfort from the knowledge that "the leachate is likely to be highly diluted" and "the EPA is carefully reviewing the CWF's operational capacity to manage leachate to ensure that it meets the standards prescribed by the environment protection licence". And we won't know the full extent of the poisoning for another "two to three weeks"!

Why would anybody build a tip on the edge of a river?

Ian Gordon, Toothdale


Airport runway extension

Long overdue. Merimbula and surrounding areas need this to happen. - Helen Ingram

Let's hope that the rest of the amenities are upgraded too, like parking and security. - Mike Long

Can we make it an extra lane wide and have 1/8 Mile drag races there? - Luke Bajjada

Will they be changing the flight path so we at Tura Beach don't have to put up with the additional noise? - Anthony Baker

Before jets can land I believe the airport requires modification for security. They just updated the buildings. Why didn't they do that? - Lindon Thompson


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