Popular fish highly active in warm waters

Club member Dale Hayton of Merimbula shows a lovely bass taken and released at Brogo Dam using a small surface lure.

Club member Dale Hayton of Merimbula shows a lovely bass taken and released at Brogo Dam using a small surface lure.

Offshore temperatures remain favourable for game anglers despite a slowing of the East Australian Current, members of the Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club said.

Striped and black marlin are both very active.

With marlin activity reaching a peak the club is running a friendly tag and release event scheduled for all of March with particular emphasis to inspire those who have never fished for marlin, never caught one, to participate.

Good size ocean flathead remain on the chew, both sand and tiger from about 17 fathoms all along the coast. Try Bithrys, Kianinny, Bournda Island and off Tura Headland during the run out tide. The White Rock reefs as well as Long Point, Haycock, North Head and Boyds Tower are all active for morwong and snapper. Pilchards are a good bait as well as slimy mackerel. Try Tura, Main, Haycock and Aslings beaches for Australian salmon. Salmon respond to both silver lures and gang hooked pilchard baits.

Luderick at the Merimbula Wharf have reached a crescendo with locals and visitors all enjoying bag out catches. Local cabbage weed is working best when the water is crystal clear otherwise artificial flies are doing a great job. Calamari squid are also coming from the Wharf after dark and at Tura Headland. Try No. 3 slow sinking jigs.

The channels at Merimbula, Pambula and the Bega River remain full of tailor and trevally, there are also dusky flathead and bream. The run out tide for duskys and the run in for the rest. The estuaries are flush with whiting. Best results at high tide in the dark of night with live prawn baits presented across the sand flats on long leaders, during the day try fresh pumped nippers or Sugapen lures.

Anglers fishing with small surface lures have taken a number of fine Australian bass (catch & release) along the shores of Brogo dam. The trick is to be on the water at dawn.

Prawn activity in Merimbula Lake has slowed now during the full moon but as the moon wanes in March prawns are expected to run again, so be ready. Merimbula Top Lake is full of bait fish and remains a great place for dusky flathead, tailor, trevally and bream. There are also snapper, butterfly gurnard and flounder.

The clubhouse in Spencer Park will be open from 6.30pm on Friday. Visitors are very welcome. Come and enjoy the fishing report, the ambience, friendship and lovely views with very competitive bar prices. Darragh Reynolds is the scheduled host. All enquires to Peter Haar 0417 021 066. MBGLAC

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