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GONE FISHING: Photo taken by Merimbula Tourism manager Chris Nicholls on his early morning walk showing the sky beautifully reflected in the lake.
GONE FISHING: Photo taken by Merimbula Tourism manager Chris Nicholls on his early morning walk showing the sky beautifully reflected in the lake.

Aqua park not suitable

I would like to add my voice in protest at the Chamber of Commerce support for the proposal to install an aqua park in Top Lake or in any of our lakes.

We are renowned for the beauty of our lakes. Their crystal clear waters, their wildlife and serenity. All this to be trashed in the search for the almighty dollar. Waters to be muddied and polluted; wildlife to be driven away; peace shattered. Then comes the need for more car parking space for the increased traffic in a quiet residential area.

Congratulations Chamber of Commerce you are joining the rush to contaminate our planet. If it moves - shoot it. If it stands still - cut it down. If it is beautiful - trash it.

In sadness

Anne Ayling, Merimbula

Mamma Mia! what a show

Forget the Bushfires and COVID-19 and spend two hours in a Greek Taverna - all for just $40.

Mamma Mia is now on at the Civic Centre in Bega and is so professional in all aspects.

The choreography, singing, dance routines and acting is to be much admired - this group could hold itself in many regions.

We have seen Mamma Mia in both Sydney and in London so understand the simple format. Girl and boy want to get married, girl has three dads and Mum has bought her up at the Taverna.

The songs are great, you all know them. However, you all spend over two hours with great entertainment, forgetting the world and its problems. Go see it.

John Verhelst, Merimbula

In agreement of Canberra flights

Well said Lillian Cushing, Letters 13 January 2021. There will be demand for a Canberra service by Qantas and not just from people wanting to access medical services.

There are many Bega Valley people who have work and family connections which take them to Canberra often. Rex never saw this opportunity but Qantas with its many more connections might give it a try.

How about it Qantas?

John Beever, Merimbula

More care for the deceased

With different personal and online projects that I am involved in, I spend a lot of time walking around and photographing within the cemeteries of the shire, and my greatest complaint is the lack of attention given to unmarked graves.

I know that over time information is lost, but surely those graves which are currently unmarked, but information is known about who is buried there. Why can't council place a small wooden cross with a small plaque with the details on - instead of leaving them to get lost within the system over time?

Chris Bingham

Going the extra mile

A quick glance at the vacant shopfronts in Bega tells us local retail is struggling. No doubt there are myriad reasons why, but a recent customer service experience may give some guidance. Bega Repair Café has a practice of purchasing parts locally to support our local community. The item requiring repair was a vintage orbital sander. Being as it was 'vintage', parts were no longer supported by the manufacturer. The broken part was a simple rubber O-ring. We went from business to business in Bega and got virtually the same response each time. "No mate, unless you can give me a part number I can't help you." I suggested taking measurements of the broken part to locate a substitute. But no, I was informed that just wasn't possible. Somewhat baffled, I asked some trade experts from out of town, who told me it was as simple as referring to the published tables for O-rings. Using the dimensions I had, the British Standard part number was quickly identified. We have now purchased the correct substitute part online as none of our local suppliers were prepared to go the extra mile to help.

David Neyle


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