Merimbula Letters to the Editor, July 22

SCAFL players and fans had some added in-game excitement when several kangaroos bounded on to Berrambool Oval on Saturday night as Merimbula played Pambula.
SCAFL players and fans had some added in-game excitement when several kangaroos bounded on to Berrambool Oval on Saturday night as Merimbula played Pambula.

Thanks for assistance

Thank you to the young couple with the tray ute, to a young lady resident wrapped in a rug and the paramedics, when on Saturday night in Main St, near the corner of Beach St, I fell and could not get up. The above people stopped, made me comfortable, kept me talking, called the ambulance and stayed with me until I was under medical attention always keeping 1.5 metre distance.

The kind, considerate attention displayed, the concern and respect these people have, reinforce my hopes for the future. Again - thanks all for your delightful attitude and friendship. I am OK.

Roger Budd, Merimbula

Deserving of response

A recent letter to the News Weekly expressed surprise at the level of spending by the BVSC, with direct comparison to other councils within its OLG group. The figures quoted clearly indicated the outlay by BVSC, per capita, was more than double that of other councils in the same group.

I would have thought this assertion should at least have deserved a response by our council, preferably the general manager, particularly in view of council's stated intention to foist ongoing and excessive imposts on its ratepayers. Council needs to look more closely at its own costs, and how they can be reduced, before heaping the burden on its customers.

Robert Ede, Tura Beach

Litany of falsehoods

Bill Johnston (ex Bemboka) strikes again. This time it's a rant against Kristy McBain's recent election win, as well as the local dairy farmers selling their souls to China. And of course the litany of false facts about climate change.

Concerning our new MP, at least Kristy was there during the bushfires, assisting daily with information, accurate reports and sound advice. Where was "Dr" Bill then, and is he now volunteering for the bushfire recovery if he cares so much about our region?

Why did he not put his hand up for the by-election as a candidate for Pauline Hanson's One Nation? He would have had an opportunity to enlighten us stupid voters on the wisdom of the alt-right's conspiracy theories about such issues as climate change, the benefits of chloroquine and bleach as a cure-all for COVID, the infinite generosity of the Australian mining giants destroying 40,000-year-old human treasures for the sake of trash profits that end up in tax havens etc...

Bernard Lagarenne, Merimbula


Bill Johnston (ex-Bemboka and now residing in Port Macquarie) must have done his doctorate in propaganda.

I've never seen such a selective misrepresentation of facts. The hole in the budget was known before the election and wasn't as gaping as some make out. That was the first indication that Bill was going to b.s. - in the first sentence!.

I'd prefer to believe scientists who are experts in their field of science than someone who has a doctorate in what, exactly? Certainly not facts.

The decimation of manufacturing in Australia has nothing at all to do with any action for mitigating human-induced climate change. It has much more to do with political will and the economics that rise from political ideology.

Also, my understanding is that Bega Cheese is laying off staff because the company is moving some of their production elsewhere. I'm struggling to see how Bill is able to connect that to climate change action.

I suggest that the doctor makes good by focussing on issues in his own region. There's plenty of combustibles in that locality over which he can agitate against 'bureaucratic failures'. It might be a more fruitful use of his time. We've had enough reactionary intrusions around here.

Isabel Robinson, Nethercote