Sapphire Smokeout sparks up car fans

Regular sapphire visitor 'Grumpy' emerges from a cloud of tyre smoke as part of the Sapphire Smokeout on Saturday.
Regular sapphire visitor 'Grumpy' emerges from a cloud of tyre smoke as part of the Sapphire Smokeout on Saturday.

The Sapphire Smokeout was a stunning success on Saturday.

Car parking flowed out the gate as spectators swarmed to the Sapphire Speedway to watch the rubber fly.

"The crowd was absolutely intense, it was unbelievable," event director Dave Collins said.

Towering plumes of tyre smoke billowed from the speedway pad as some of Australia's most iconic burnout cars let loose and ripped the back wheels to shreds.

The infamous Karnage created by Shaun Karn opened the day and set the mood with a thunderous roar of horsepower and wheelspin that shredded the tyres in just seconds.

"He had helped me so much, that was the plan to give him the maiden skid on the green concrete," Mr Collins said. "It was an astronomic start".

From there a steady stream of cars rolled out to the pad and set to the task of shredding the back wheels, much to the crowd's delight.

A few notable mentions were 'Grumpy' firing bouts of flame from the exhaust, while the ute Lunatic featured green-smoking tyres.

Some crowd favourites were visitors from Cowra with a Mini Cooper and a Mazda 121 with monstrous motors producing enough power and torque the little cars were literally being tossed about under their own power.

Mr Collins said there were also some strong local contenders.

"The local boys did the track proud and they were there at the end of the day popping tyres and then being ready to go again."

With maximum entries Mr Collins said everyone was able blow out about three sets of tyres each and the Smokeout escaped the worst of the rain to press on well into the afternoon.

"The rain did come in and wet the pad a fair bit, but we got the bobcat out with the sweeper on it and after about 30 minutes we were back in the full swing," Mr Collins said.

The thrill of almost 30,000 horsepower went on well into the afternoon.

"We thought it might have dragged on with so many entries, but it all ran so smooth that we ran out of tyres," Mr Collins beamed.

Big players in the burnout scene are eager to see the Smokeout continue with all 38 competitors vowing to return, while Mick Brasher was in attendance and said he would be ready for next year.

"Since Saturday I've already had calls from high-calibre cars and Mick [Brasher] said he was disappointed his car wasn't ready, but has pencilled it in for next year."

Mr Collins thanked the entrants, and the massive crowd and said he was thrilled with the behaviour from everyone.

"We had no incidents all day and driving home I expected to see a lot of fishtails, but we were thrilled with everyone's behaviour, hats off to everyone."

Club officials are now discussing future events.