Merimbula Letters to the Editor, September 11

Sapphire Coast Four Wheel Drive Club members John and Pattie Barnard of South Pambula visit historic Burnima Homestead in Bombala on Saturday.
Sapphire Coast Four Wheel Drive Club members John and Pattie Barnard of South Pambula visit historic Burnima Homestead in Bombala on Saturday.

Main street needs spunk

There currently is no flow to the main street, it's stuck in the '90s. It needs spunk. Café and restaurants and retail shops separate, maybe one side of the street retail and the other is dining.

Lighting can change so many things. Updated modern LED lighting to the street and shops. Modernise the street, it's dark and old. It needs lots of money put into Main St. Modern trendy shops and eateries is the key.

But above all if you want to change the CBD do something with the accommodation. Accommodation in most places is old and overpriced. You need more 4-5 star accommodation options to attract more money to the town. The Fishpen is going backwards every year. The town will be in big trouble in the next 5 or 10 years unless it starts rebuilding now. Knock old buildings over and start fresh.

For me the area that has the most potential is around Ford Oval. There should be a double storey Merimbula surf club on Ford Oval overlooking the beach, seven-day-a-week bar and restaurant/cafe. Next to the surf club should be volleyball courts, basketball, skate park for the family.

Kyle Lee, Melbourne

Missing Sanity

I'm very sad to hear that Merimbula's Sanity is closing permanently on October 1. Sanity is our only music/entertainment store. I remember when it first came to Merimbula many years ago, I was so excited.

I always have shopped at Sanity to buy all my music/movies. Sanity has so much more than just CDs and DVDs. Collectable merchandise, great quality books on all your favourite singers. Always great music playing. I am really going to miss Sanity in Merimbula.

Ever since that enormous intersection was put there, I think it has put people off having to cross over to that end of town. It was so much easier before. And it doesn't help that most everyone shops online now too. I don't want to shop online. I don't want Sanity to close. And that just means another empty store in Merimbula.

I'm proud to live in Merimbula. It's the most beautiful place. So why is one shop after another closing.

If I win the Lotto I'll pay the ridiculous high rent for Sanity to stay in Merimbula for a few more years. I'm just so upset and disappointed that my very favourite store is closing because of that!

Casey Hawkins, Merimbula

Credit to Lynn

As the past secretary of the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce, I would like to acknowledge the work and leadership of past president, Lynn McColl.

Lynn is a big picture and strategic thinker with great optimism for Merimbula's future. Lynn invested a great deal of time building beneficial working relationships with civic and business leaders, politicians, and landlords. She has worked tirelessly over the past 12 months in collaboration with other community groups, organisations, and individuals to help achieve the objectives of the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce. For this she was criticised. But Lynn believed that the Chamber could not be effective by working in a silo.

Lynn had been working on projects that take time to implement, particularly with the limited resources at her disposal. Lynn had a number of projects on the boil and was looking forward to continuing with her unfinished business with a team that supported her work and who wanted to help rebuild the Chamber to become a more professional organisation.

It is disappointing that Lynn wasn't given a chance to continue with her work. Every time there is a change in committee members, time is lost as the new committee learns the ropes or sets a new direction. The time for a new committee is when members of the current committee are burnt out or dysfunctional or disinterested, not when the committee is working in a professional, cohesive manner on a number of long term, medium and short term projects.

Kathy Simmons, Merimbula