Bega man jailed after pleading guilty to petrol station break and enter

A 24-year-old Bega man has been sentenced to 18 months' jail after admitting to police his role in a petrol station break and enter.

Brokk Peter Smith of Rawlinson St in Bega was sentenced to a non-parole-period of six months by Bega Local Court magistrate Doug Dick on Tuesday, April 9, after pleading guilty to taking part in the break in of the Metro Service Station in Tura Beach on March 19.

CCTV footage captured Smith throwing a fire extinguisher through the station's front window, before entering the premises. Court documents reveal police had recognised Smith by his "distinct movement" caused by his prosthetic leg.

CCTV footage showed Smith in the company of another man and a minor during the break and enter, which occurred just before 10pm.

He was arrested in Bega on April 5 after admitting to police he was in possession of proceeds made from the theft, in which a cash register with an undisclosed amount of cash was taken.

Smith had been on a good behaviour bond for drug offences in 2018, in which he was convicted for possessing four small bags of the illicit drugs methylamphetamine, LSD, gamma-butyrolactone and the prescription drug oxycodone inside a soap container at Sydney's Central Station.

Sydney police patrolling the station approached Smith when he was seen smoking a cigarette next to a "No Smoking" sign after 8pm on March 22 last year.

Court documents state the officers searched Smith due to his "heavy eyes", "fidgeting", the fact he was "slurring his words" and was sweating "despite the cool weather", and "the area being known for drug related crime".

Smith said he had been given the methylamphetamine, which had been mixed with table salt and divided into four small bags, and that he was at the location to exchange them with someone for $20.

His bond was revoked and Magistrate Dick sentenced him to four months' jail, which will run concurrently.

Smith will be eligible for parole on September 25.

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