Merimbula Web Words, May 16

Mirador access concerns

If there was a fire coming someone would have that gate open with a pair of bolt cutters or a battery powered grinder in about ten seconds flat!

Chris Campbell 

I believe the 'speeding down the hill into Berrambool' is a secondary issue to the safety of residents in Mirador and could be eliminated by one or more of the many traffic slowing devices available to a road authority. 

Suzette Fullerton 

You can't just demand that the residents of Berrambool endanger their lives because the Mirador people are sick of driving up the Tura Beach Hill! The Tathra people had two roads, and both were blocked during the fire! I think the fire argument is a furphy! If you are so paranoid about living at Mirador then sell! 

Robyn Colson 

It is a fire hazard, open the road, make the speed limit 40, prevention is way better than death.

Wendy McPhan

Build a bridge that comes out near the primary school.

FionaPeter Treacy

One way spikes would allow people out in an emergency, but not in.

Kathy Simmons 

CASA briefing for pilots

Perhaps the 1200 Chinese cadets proposed for Frogs Hollow Flight School could attend? Given the flawed safety record of the planes they will be flying, the likely hazardous flying conditions well known around Frogs Hollow, their lack of any experience, the language difficulties and the excessively high number of movements by inexperienced trainees on tight training circuits.... there is huge potential for disaster!

Steve Jackson 

Reviewer returns to SERH

When our new hospital opened I thought this is special, no more trips to Canberra, everything available here. How wrong I was. No radiotherapy and no private surgery. Such a disappointment, I look forward to it improving soon.

Diane Turner McParland