Merimbula Web Words

New Kindergarten kids

 Oh so lovely to see these children doing so well. I remember most of them as babies.

Shannon Thomson

I see trouble.

Allan McIntyre

Happy country kids.

Chris Jackson

Omg they all so cute.

Alan Fortune 

That is so cute for everyone in your region to see, love it!

Meagan Powley 

School bans mobile phones

We are a new generation. We grew up with this it is a part of our daily lives. Sure don’t use it in class unless necessary. But not during all school hours yeesh.

Jess Winslow 

They should never have been allowed in class to start with. If not in your locker, then in a community phone holder in each class. Walk in, drop off...pick up, walk out.

Catherine Swan 

A good thing, phones should be left at home.

Marcia Rowson 

Brilliant! All schools need to follow suit. Leave them in lockers.

Sandra O'Keefe 

Absolutely not, in classes they shouldn’t be used without the teacher’s permission. But at recess and lunch what’s the problem! They are a tool not something that should be locked away in a cabinet. We should be taught how to use them to our benefit in all situations.

Ben Neville

Yes ban them. Get back to face to face talking, using a dictionary, a photocopier, pen and paper. It's an addiction that has to be stopped.

Katrina Barnes 

Ginger-headed emojis

Sharon Carey, the future is now.

Bart Grant 

I have been fooled with fake articles for years...I’ll believe it when I see it!

Sharon Carey