Merimbula Web Words, February 7

Morning coffee at Bar Beach.
Morning coffee at Bar Beach.

Final design for airport terminal

A simple floorplan might have conveyed a whole lot more information. Why a Mackay based architect? We have highly skilled professionals here (and would certainly save project management costs of flying an architect in via ‘stop-overs’ to oversee the project!), and then the added benefit of injecting our local economy with $$$. There must be some really good reason?

Virginia Neave

I’m sorry but the building doesn’t look much bigger than it is now. It better be big enough for at least two plane loads of passengers to be comfortable. Don’t we also need to fit in security scanning now? Isn’t the idea of the upgrade and new runway and deregulation to bring more planes to Merimbula? Forget the sheetmetal sculptures and do the terminal right the first time.

Chris Mcdermott

I hope that blob of grey is the paperbark tree out the back. They better not be cutting that icon down! Or does the grey mean they are planning to take down all the trees that provide shade? 

Jen Smith

The building that is there now is absolutely horrible. We certainly hope it will be totally renovated if the council is insisting on keeping it.

Douglas Simpson

If there isn't more parking it will be a total fail.

David Langenbaker

If all the trees are to be removed near the parking area, surely this is the time to smarten up the area and increase car park spots! The building at almost twice the original size should be adequate although no plans for inside the building are shown. 

Maggie Hazelgrove 

TV disruption during tennis final

Pambula Beach, Tura, Millingandi, Eden, Merimbula and Nethercote are not in the Bega Valley; nor would I have thought they would be affected by the Mumbulla Mountain communications tower outage. What about Mt Bimmel?

Jenny Drenkhahn 

Wasn’t happy Jan!

Sandi Shaw