Merimbula Web Words, December 20

Bailey’s gift of Smiles

On ya Bailey, already achieving great things at such a young age. There's hope for humanity yet.

John Holmes 

Great job Bailey what an inspirational young man he is 

Leanne Stalder

Council takes stand against flight school

Great call by councillors, the battle to defeat this proposal is partly won but it still has to be defeated at state government level.

Steve Jackson

What a load of BS, the council is concerned about the community, decreased land value, and environment impact. They didn’t give a rats ring when they changed the zoning of properties in our area. Mine being one of them. Don’t put these individuals in a caring about the community category. It’s hard not to write my true opinion of these councillors, my comment would be removed if I said what I really thought.

Johnny Rathbone

Hopefully they will have the same opinion on the Merimbula runway extension!

Tener Haz

Small business keep closing in the area because we are more inwardly focused rather that providing incentives to promote development and employment for the younger generation that live in our community. As they say, the good of the many outweigh those of the few or the one.

Michael Laugesen

Vandals destroy Berrambool cricket pitch

These days you need security cameras everywhere to protect your assets from these sort of people. Hope someone saw something and they're caught and made to pay.

Karl H Froehlich

It is a shame that people vandalise any property. This senseless act may prevent a family friends child from enjoying a great game of cricket.

Gary Capstick

Disgraceful behaviour, seriously what is wrong with people?

Marjolein Thompson