OPINION: Best of the web, August 16

Better spending options than marriage poll?

Where to start - so many cutbacks because we had a budget emergency, so ABC, Education, Health, Housing, Domestic Violence Refuge Centres, and an increase for pensioners and those unemployed!

Fiona Campbell

Such an abysmal waste of taxpayers money to appease the far right. Woeful!

Carmel Hards

Should have been a referendum on the matter. Now the voluntary vote will end up in a no.

Alex Leonard 

Vote in the Parliament... and I'm a Liberal voter. Do it.

John Brown 

Just about anything... refugees, definitely refugees, mental health, the homeless, education, adult education, unemployment and job seeking... such an incredible waste of money is this inconclusive postal vote that doesn't even provide an outcome.

Liz Smallwood 

Start by helping the homeless.

Kerrie Peck

Farewell party for all politicians.

David Langenbaker

Dane Waites halfway home

Awesome Dane, you’re amazing and still have that amazing smile.

Belinda Pilgrim

What an incredible young man you are Dane. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

Deanna Rutter 

You're just incredible Dane! Keep smiling.

Renee Griffiths O'Reilly

Fantastic! The welcome home is sure to be HUGE!

Cheryl Bright

Discussing death

Yes, I think we all agreed there could/should be more sessions.

Jacqui Goodman 

Great I'd like to see an evening or weekend session for those who are unable to attend weekdays.

Peter Lees 

Vital and a topic we all need to learn to discuss freely.

Linda Albertson