Merimbula letters to the editor, August 9

Nicholas Hynes has graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications. His family congratulates him in the letters below.
Nicholas Hynes has graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications. His family congratulates him in the letters below.

Trolley says thanks!

It's Trolley here!

Thanks for my winning trophy...and also my two bubble baths...just thought I would tell you that the news of my outstanding win in your competition continues to spread around the world via Facebook.

My mum and dad have many friends and have shared the story to all of them and they have shared all of their friends and they too have also have shared to many friends sharing. It’s just all too overwhelming for me.

The news is spreading so fast, if not faster than the last time I got fleas and brought them home to share with everybody there.

It was a great story about me and all the other mutts and their kind owners in the newspaper and as my dad says “stories like these bring so much happiness to so many people...there are so many people in our community. So many of them perhaps with little money and poor, so many of the elderly, so many of people who are unwell, so many children and so many families...they all have their dog friends who brighten their day. No matter the circumstances, dogs make so much difference to people's  lives. They just make so many people happy without even trying....just their smiles that greet you on every occasion, the wagging of their tail,  their smelly breaths but more importantly their companionship, trust and loyalty they bring”.

I think sometimes my dad overthinks things you know.

I am just more than happy to be a part of this loving family. They feed me quality food, I get free medical care, they allow me to sleep all day (not like their lazy sons) they take me for walks, for car trips and even swims (when I am feeling up to it).

I am just so lucky they picked me to be a part of their family.

I think you should continue your competition next year...make it an annual event.

Perhaps it could become a part of the Animal Welfare League and RSPCA’s paws annual walk and sponsored by the Merimbula/Bega News. 

Anyway Natalie, I have had my morning tin of sardines for breakfast it's time to pick a sunny spot and have a snooze. Just thought I would tell you, that if you do run the competition next year to save any embarrassment or any suggestion of the judges being biased, it might be best if I did not run again.

It’s always good to go out a winner you know!

It would not be a good look for your newspaper or the competition if I was to win my category again like I am certain I would! 

So to be fair to all the other mutts and to give them all a chance of winning, I will not be contesting the competition again.

There might be a place for me to perhaps hand out some winning trophies, you know, like the Miss Universe competition...last year’s winner to this year’s winner!

Thanks Natalie and thanks to the sponsors...thanks to Merimbula/Bega News.

It has been a huge week for me...time to get back to some normality!

Trolley, champion dog of the Bega Valley Shire


How about all Bega Valley councillors come to Merimbula, sit in a wheelchair and make their way from Target to the boardwalk! Pedestrians are not fair game. 

Maria Duggan, Merimbula

Thank you

A big thank you to Dr Rajesh and the staff of the SERH for enabling me to regain my precious mobility.  Where would we be if not for the commitment of these wonderful hard working people.

Anne Ayling, Merimbula

Proud family

We are very proud of Nicholas Hynes, who graduated from the University of Melbourne with a BA in Media and Communications on July 29.

To our lovely son and brother, we wish you every strength and blessing as you start your next adventure.

Love from Kerry, Paul, Danielle and Abdel


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