OPINION: Best of the web, June 27

Retirement villages swallowing money

I so hope this Four Corners expose makes the government look at the legislative laws that these companies are working under, and fix the big loop holes it is appalling. 

Diane Lang

School bus seatbelts

It's funny, when we have a baby it has to be in a proper child restraint, and always in a seat belt or a restraint. But, as soon as their old enough to go to school on the bus there’s no seat belts or restraints! About time they put seat belts in buses!

Jill Overend

About 40 years overdue. But better late than never.

Jacquie Perry

I can't wait to see who's going to enforce wearing them.

Ross Slade

Semi-automatic use for deer control

Why would semi automatic rifles be a problem when they were aimed at deer? I know how hard it is to get the class of gun license to own a semi-auto, let alone use it in a public place. I personally would be more worried about the criminals that don't follow any laws having guns and taking pot shots at police, than a deer hunter culling a few deer as a job. 

Steven Nelson

If you hunt deer you should be good enough to drop one with a single shot.

Julie Armstrong

I believe the original reason given was that if people snap, or guns are stolen with the intent to harm people, innocents would have a greater chance of survival.

Connie Crawford

James Reynolds’ Australian Open win

Well done James. You’re a champ through and through. We are lucky to have you represent us all.

Brett Kahle

 Well done with your sheer determination to never loose sight of what you want.

Kaye Pope

Huge congratulations James!

Kim Hammond


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