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Buzzing: A large crowd gathered for the Innovative Business Expo hosted by Sapphire Coast Business Networking in Merimbula on Saturday. Read more online.
Buzzing: A large crowd gathered for the Innovative Business Expo hosted by Sapphire Coast Business Networking in Merimbula on Saturday. Read more online.

Twyford Hall

Congratulations on the Editorial  “Bega Valley regional arts precinct falls foul of parochialism”.

As a citizen of the SE region for 70 years I had thought the old Bega versus Merimbula rivalry was a thing of the past. I hope the comments about the Theatre Twyford Project in Merimbula attributed to the GM of SE Arts were not what he meant to say.

We hope to meet with the Board of SE Arts soon to clarify their policy on this Project. I hope and expect our two organisations will reach agreement on promoting arts and culture in the SE Region.

As your Editorial points out, the Theatre Twyford Project, is the result of years of careful planning by the arts community of the SE Region and of investment in professional expertise to ensure what we build is a purpose-designed professional theatre.

The Theatre Twyford Project will create an asset for our Region which will complement other assets, like Four Winds in Bermagui for outdoor performances and the BVCCC in Bega for conventions.

These assets should work together to grow the arts here. They do not need to be in competition.

Bill Deveril, Twyford Hall Committee


I recently spent two weeks at the Bega Hospital and was very pleased with the care I received.  I felt it was important to express how fortunate our community is to have access to such a great facility. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the staff at the Bega Hospital.

Win Phillips, Tura Beach

Sadly spot on

Your editorial highlighting the parochialism that exists within our shire was, sadly, spot on (MNW, 19/4).

Some years back when Rod Calvert was administering the shire, it had run into a spot of trouble. I well recall his words at a meeting where he spoke that his biggest hurdle was in coping with the parochialism that existed in the shire. 

He referred to the press also. At the time the three local papers were more independent with their views than now and certainly were not backward in offering criticism of how they viewed Bega central. Having lived in both the north and south of the shire, I think our three papers play a key role in reducing this parochialism. 

As to Twyford Hall’s long-held dream for it to become the theatre as described there is no doubt, in my mind, that this should happen and with the total support of the whole shire. The patience and determination so many there have shown over something like 20 years, in my books, calls for this. 

I am in no doubt that Merimbula has shown its capacity theatrically though its artistic creativity and frequency of outstanding productions at Twyford Hall despite its limitations. Its reputation is such that it enjoys outstanding patronage. 

Merimbula has many times more the number of restaurants and motels than in Bega for those looking for a night out and recovery after.

I will even suggest that the much discussed new larger regional art gallery should also be in Merimbula, a town that does not shutdown of a weekend like Bega. Presently the gallery there normally closes sharp at noon on a Saturday. I am sure its innovative curator would love a bigger audience as the tourist capital of Merimbula could provide. 

In the ‘90s I was heavily involved for several years in seeing the creation of a major cultural and recreation centre on that large tract of vacant land opposite the airport and below the Black Dolphin motel. It didn’t happen. I understand the opportunity still exists, the location is superb and it is centrally placed for the whole shire. 

Maybe some economies of scale for both major features on the one site. Sorry Twyford. I guess the only problem would be for some to be required to accept such crowning glory in Merimbula!

Ross Williams, Kalaru


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