Merimbula New Weekly letters to the editor, April 26

LEGACY: Mateship is the enduring legacy of the Anzac spirit, worth preserving and fighting for, say the Salvos in today's letters.
LEGACY: Mateship is the enduring legacy of the Anzac spirit, worth preserving and fighting for, say the Salvos in today's letters.

Not appreciated

Mr Gray’s comments are not appreciated. Twyford Hall is, despite his thoughts otherwise, the place for theatre.  

The facility in Bega was built on a council whim against ratepayers’ protests. Twyford Hall far outstrips usage compared to the civic centre in Bega.

What does that tell you. 

I urge all to support Twyford Hall, it is surrounded by good restaurants and cafes as Bruce Carmichael would like.  

Energy and passion is for Twyford Hall raked theatre, don't crush it.

Ann Wright, Merimbula

Our Governor-General

I note that in Pat Raymond’s letter on visiting Governors and Governors General (MNW, 19/4), one name was missing.  

How about our own Governor General Sir William (Billy) McKell, 1947-53, who came from Pambula! Not sure whether he ever paid an official visit here, but he certainly called it “Home”. 

Bill King, Merimbula

Professional opinion

Doug Reckord (MNW, 19/4), those fluoride activists you refer to are a dentist of 15 years and a Phd professor, teacher of chemistry and toxicology.  

Maybe the question that should be asked is why are these professionals  standing up against the 1950s science and the establishment. What do they now know that we the general public are yet to learn?

Connie Crawford, Millingandi

Onus on government

Thanks for the chutzpah Doug Reckord (MNW, 19/4). Doug seeks to impress by citing the Australian Dental Association as his authority when it comes to the supposed wondrous powers of the poison called fluoride.

Call me cynical if you like, but I long ago stopped believing that professional associations in any field place the interests of consumers ahead of those of their members; whether medical, political or business in nature.

Recently you attempted to overwhelm readers with upwards of 20 unsubstantiated claims lauding the merits of fluoride, before “going for gold” by condemning opponents of the poison by claiming that they offer no evidence to support their position.

But Doug, it shouldn’t be left up to members of our community to convince government that it’s wrong to add poison to its water supply.

Rather the onus should be on government to convince the community that what it wants to do is absolutely risk free.

So Doug, given that you claim to be a “scientist”, perhaps you “could survey all the general practitioners and dentists in our district, so readers could more accurately gauge the views of those professions” about fluoridation, rather than leaving it to the local media, who you don’t trust?

John Richardson, Wallagoot

Enduring Anzac legacy

The enduring Anzac legacy and the ideal of mateship are more important than ever before.  Mateship is an integral part of the Australian identity. It’s an ideal that defines our nation’s character – this idea of looking out for each other, through the good times and the bad.

The Salvos have served alongside Australian troops in both World Wars and has supported them on deployments in Korea and Vietnam. Today, we are present in military bases across the country. We’ve been there providing support to our troops in their times of need.

Whether a simple act of kindness or helping someone rebuild after tragedy – mateship is the common thread that unites us and something that will always endure.

As we enter these uncertain times, I encourage all Australians to reflect on the Anzac spirit and the strength and hope it brings, and remember why mateship is an ideal still worth fighting for.

Lt Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge, The Salvation Army


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