No penalty for visiting Nethercote Falls

Early last week Forestry Corporation of NSW’s partnership co-ordinator Brendan Grimson said that Forestry no longer wants to see people at Nethercote Falls but a Foresty spokeswoman told the News Weekly that there will be no penalty for people visiting the falls. 

“We put road closures in place for the safety of forest users, so please don’t attempt to walk or cycle past or around them.”

While he acknowledged that people would still be able to walk there he said: “The wider picture is that we’re not wanting to see people there. There are plenty of other sites.”

But a Forestry Corporation spokeswoman said that while Forestry will not encourage people to visit the Falls and will no longer maintain the Falls as a dedicated recreation area, the forest is not closed. 

“Forestry Corporation discourages visitation to Nethercote Falls to minimise the danger to visitors however people may still access the area on foot if they wish.

“Only the steep section of road in poor condition leading to the falls is being closed," she said. 

“There would be no cause for fining visitors provided they are complying with any signage and obeying general rules of visiting forests.”



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