NSSC Club Narooma fishing club report

WELL it had to happen eventually.

The kings were firing and the weather was perfect for Club Narooma’s fishing comp weekend.

So after 16 months of looking at the boat, we decided to have a little trip and if the pain was bearable we might have kingy for tea tonight.

So a quick phone call had crew arranged and on the ocean for an afternoon session.

First drop on the north end produced a snapper just shy of 5kg and a few more fish of good size but the kings decided to not play that afternoon.

The mowies and flathead helped us out so it was great to be out in summer-like conditions with water at 20 degrees and looking at the map the EAC is here for a while so let’s enjoy it!

 Winners for the month saw Dave Clark, Mick Cavic, Brenda Setzer, Adam Giffen, Mick Uglystick, Clair Giffen, Garry Landells and Peter Shakeshaft all collect a prize for the month.

That was the last round of fishing for the year, so it’s a little wait till presentation night where the winners will be announced for the year and this year we will be going back to having a sit-down meal at Club Narooma.

It’s looking like September 19 but will confirm that in the weeks ahead.

Mill Bay boat ramp must be the biggest disasters that happened to the fishing community with two taken to hospital and several springs broken and a few props destroyed on this substandard ramp that council have made you use but feel free to contact them to reimburse you for the damage.

There is another consultation paper out from the DPI and I would advise anybody that has a boat to have your say on boat limits.

For what you catch and that goes for rec and charter as 99 per cent will not do it and DPI will say no interest was shown just as with the Marine Park.

And if they limit what you can have on a boat all them pics of kingfish that we are seeing now won’t be happening again so go to the DPI website as you have to the end of the month.

There was a meeting at Tuross with RFA who are taking the meeting to regional areas and it was a real eye opener as they are very professional and we meet with DPI, RMS, council and it was nice to see Narooma is on the list for an offshore artificial reef.

But we have to do a fair bit of work on it as Newcastle also wants one, so over the coming week will have petitions so people can sign to show support from the town so let’s hope the water is still around for our next comp which is the July 4-5 and members are reminded that memberships are due over the next month also so tight lines and may the big winter kings show up

- Fishfingers

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