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International Day of People with a DisabilityAdvertising Feature

Embracing inclusivity for a brighter futureAdvertising Feature

Brent is thrilled to be a valuable part of the Club Sapphire team. Pictures supplied
Brent is thrilled to be a valuable part of the Club Sapphire team. Pictures supplied

In a world that is constantly evolving, our understanding of inclusivity and diversity must also progress.

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) serves as an annual reminder of the importance of fostering an inclusive society where every individual, regardless of their abilities, feels valued and embraced.

At the heart of Club Sapphire's ethos lies a dedication to creating a space where everyone can come to work, regardless of their background or abilities.

The club recognises the diverse talents and perspectives that individuals with disability bring to the community, and actively seeks to break down barriers that may hinder their full participation. In doing so, Club Sapphire has become a beacon of inclusivity, setting an example for other establishments to follow.

One of the key initiatives undertaken by Club Sapphire is the investment in infrastructure modifications to ensure that individuals with physical disability can navigate the premises with ease.

From wheelchair ramps to accessible restrooms, lifts, and a portable all abilities lift for entertainers and speakers for events, every detail has been considered to guarantee that everyone can enjoy the club's offerings.

Amanda is one of Club Sapphire's talented waitresses.
Amanda is one of Club Sapphire's talented waitresses.

By prioritising accessibility, Club Sapphire has been able to assist several people with disability to work in hospitality, and showcases a genuine commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome.

One such employee, Brent, does a fantastic job as the assistant to the bowls development officer and bowls groundskeeper.

His mother, Michelle Rogers, says her son's experience at Club Sapphire has been wonderful.

"Brent absolutely loves his time at Club Sapphire working with Michael who is so brilliant to Brent. We are truly grateful for the welcoming and including community that Club Sapphire offers," Ms Rogers said.

Club Sapphire also donates, via the Club Grants, to local organisations that support people with disability.

By actively engaging with the broader community, Club Sapphire hopes to create a ripple effect, inspiring others to join the cause and contribute to building a society that values and includes everyone.

In doing so, the club plays a pivotal role in creating a world where every individual, regardless of their abilities, can thrive.

Join Club Sapphire as they celebrate IDPwD, and let their commitment inspire you to embrace diversity and create a more inclusive future.

Solutions to enable mobility in people living with disabilityAdvertising Feature

David Jones, one of X-Tremity's certified prosthetists and orthotists, at the Nowra clinic. Picture supplied
David Jones, one of X-Tremity's certified prosthetists and orthotists, at the Nowra clinic. Picture supplied

By harnessing recent advancements in technology, science and engineering, X-Tremity Prosthetics and Orthotics works to create smarter, better mobility aids for people with disability.

From joint braces and orthotic devices, to full upper and lower-limb prosthetics, bionic hands, knees and more, X-Tremity has been changing the game since Director Jens Baufeldt founded the company in 2017.

Andy Sands, chief operating officer, said they are inspired by the philosophy that the limitation of a limb's function should not result in the loss of one's passions, hobbies, and independence.

"When we create our devices, each of these personal characteristics are considered so that our products go with the wearer throughout life's journey, instead of limiting where their life's journey goes," Mr Sands said.

"In our modern age, with the incredible advancement of medical knowledge, technologies and manufacturing methods and materials, we've achieved some astounding results for our clients."

X-Tremity's methods are guided by Mr Baufeldt's innovative spirit and desire for excellence, traits which Mr Sands says make him widely respected in the industry.

"He cares for his clients like no other and his commitment to doing the job right has gained him a great deal of trust in his circles and allowed the company to grow significantly.

"Our focus has been, and will always be, our customers. When we're entrusted to give them the gift of mobility and independence, we do so with great honour," Mr Sands said.

This International People with Disability Day, X-Tremity celebrates the achievements, contributions, and resilience of each individual with disability, as opposed to focusing on what they are physically capable of.

"We strongly believe that a person's level of ability has absolutely no relevance to their value, what they have to give, and how they can influence those around them. This day is important to everyone as it highlights the fact that those living with a disability should be celebrated just as much as those around them without disability," Mr Sands said.

X-Tremity is NDIS, DVA and EnableNSW registered and has supported hundreds of people across Queensland, NSW, ACT and Victoria.

"Many clients are surprised to discover how easy and affordable it is to have their orthotic or prosthetic needs reassessed, and an updated device created to suit their current needs," Mr Sands said.

"We get so much joy from the stories of our clients. To hear about the hurdles they've overcome, the goals they've reached, and the way they simply refuse to give up, inspires us every day."