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Arthur Kaine Drive development

I am totally opposed to this development proceeding due to this land being a highly sensitive coastal strip from Merimbula to Pambula. This area I believed was classified as reserve so protected from any future development.

This area abounds with native wildlife and flora both of which are extremely important to, not only this area, but NSW and Australia as a whole. This beachfront must be kept in pristine condition for everyone's future not just money hungry developers and councils.

These areas are why tourists like to visit. Let developers build on land that has already been cleared for farming and plant even more flowering trees and vegetation while they're at it.

I will be forwarding this letter to newspapers and social media in the hope of putting a stop to this abhorrent proposal.

Tootie Gibbs, Wolumla

Outfall document coy on impacts

The Merimbula sewage effluent ocean outfall Environmental Impact Statement is a vast document which is heavy on regulatory jargon but rather coy about the actual environmental problems it is seeking to address.

It is only when you get to page 90, in table 4.2 on past reports, that there is a mention of Hinksia sordida, the filamentous alga that produces "red tides", skin irritations in swimmers and foul rotting-seaweed odours. It cites "anecdotal evidence" from local residents that these algal blooms occurred from time to time before the Merimbula STP beach outfall was established.

It fails to mention the evidence from fish-spotting pilots that red tides have most often been seen near the Eden, Merimbula and Bermagui sewage effluent outfalls.

The ocean outfall pipeline is an expensive solution which is wasteful in phosphorus and likely to be very expensive to operate. The effluent will be pumped into water about 30 meters deep, against tremendous pressure.

I favor using a very high proportion of the effluent to irrigate rainforest vegetation buffers as a protection of vulnerable fringe areas of settlements against bushfires.

Mick Harewood, Kiah

Good timing

Thank you to the council for the inspiring news regarding proposed new BVSC Hub: Liquid Trade Waste and Water Resources Officer, no doubt to work in association with the Bega Cheese-initiated circular economy for our region. Their address in June at the Candelo Music Festival was well attended. The timing of both announcements indicates a welcome 'joining of the dots' for the Bega Valley Shire economy and the tourism impact of the magical Sapphire Coast.

The timing also synchronised with the former 10-year plan to spend millions of dollars for a waste water pipe. Delivering shire's waste water into the marine ecosystem, already under pressure from climate change, is now outdated.

The Eastern Pacific current is apparently heating more rapidly than any other major global current. The toxins of waste cancel any benefits of nutrients involved, especially at a time of population growth.

The timing also synchronised with last week's Eventbrite Zoom session from the ANU on energy renewal advances in hydrogen green fuel. Canberra has a trial program underway for buses. Planning is also apparently underway to include light rail research to the Sapphire Coast.

Given that the Eden-Monaro includes the Snowy Mountains hydro power extensions at Cooma and Jindabyne, an excellent opportunity for developing water recycling emerges. The machinery is already active for renewable power in the region so it offers a timely opportunity to add water systems. Such renewals have been occurring at Tura Beach for the last two or three years.

After a 10-year expansion of costs for an outdated ocean pipe system, the funds can be converted into the new circular economy planning. Well done, council.

Nanette Anderson, Tura Beach.

A sneak peek into the new lift-accessible theatre foyer and bar area nearing completion.
The new Theatre Twyford will seat 199 patrons. Photo supplied

A sneak peek into the new lift-accessible theatre foyer and bar area nearing completion. The new Theatre Twyford will seat 199 patrons. Photo supplied


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