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HMAS Supply, whose ceremonial homeport is Eden, conducts her first replenishment at sea with HMAS Anzac, while sailing in the East Australia Exercise Area in August.
HMAS Supply, whose ceremonial homeport is Eden, conducts her first replenishment at sea with HMAS Anzac, while sailing in the East Australia Exercise Area in August.

Familiar objections 

It is the responsibility of a historical society to record and preserve the history of an area for the benefit of future generations. So it will come as no surprise to the community that the Merimbula-Imlay Historical Society is preparing a submission to save the Royal Willows building in Pambula.

What will be a surprise is that many of the points that will be used in this objection were clearly stated back in 2015 by the current developer when there was a DA to build a supermarket in Merimbola St.

In an article published in the MNW on November 24, 2015, the owner of the small Pambula supermarket objected to that proposal, as can be read in the following extracts:

"The proposal is for something ultra-modern next to heritage buildings and next to the Panboola wetlands." He said that during heavy rain, water had risen to the back of the Royal Willows Hotel previously. The current DA depends on the demolition of one of those heritage buildings and excavating the site for an underground car park in a flood prone area.

Merimbola Street is also the site of an over 55s block, but Mr Stolzenhein said that's where the trucks would be reversing "at all hours to unload their stock".

In his objection he made reference to developments in Merimbula.

"Across Australia supermarket floorspace is provided at a rate of 400sqm per 1000 people. Significantly, with the opening of the proposed new Woolworths this increases to 766sqm per 1000 people (almost double the national average)."

A FoodWorks report supplied to Mr Stolzenhein for his submission to council about the DA says that the impact on the town will be more than forecast ($1m lost from Pambula traders) and will take supermarket floorspace well above the national average for the area.

Since then there has been the building of Aldi so presumably the area does not need another large supermarket that will impact on the trading of already established small businesses.

The community is urged to express their concern over the proposed development that will destroy a heritage building and diminish the heritage based tourism attraction of Pambula.

Shirley Bazley, secretary MIHS

Charming streetscape

One of the charms of Pambula and a streetscape highlight is the Royal Willows Hotel. It is unbelievable that it is to be demolished. I would urge all those who oversee such decisions to think again before such a disastrous action is taken.

On the many occasions I visit Pambula, I always look forward to going to such a wonderful, historic building. The quote "a generation which ignores history has no past and no future" says it all. Please save this wonderful building.

Sylvia Romanik, Neutral Bay

Facade must blend in

The new build must have a facade that blends in with the historic view of the centre. We want the building to be visually attractive. No more ugly buildings.

Peter Weir, Tura Beach

Cash being left behind

I have a complaint about the self serve checkouts at all our big stores.

Card-only machines are taking over and on these you can only use cards. There are a minimum of cash machines.

Problem is with the cash machines you can also use cards, so card people take over those too. Us poor cash customers have to wait while those with cards have access to all machines.

Cash machines should be only cash because there are very few of them. Whoever put all this in place is an idiot.

Or is the plan to have all card machines and sack more staff?

Frank Pearce, Bega


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