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How to take the stress out of moving and guarantee your bond back

How to take the stress out of moving and guarantee your bond back

Story in partnership with Whizz.

Moving house is one of the top five most stressful things in life. With so many things to do in such a short period of time, it can all feel quite overwhelming. Not only do you have to pack up all of your possessions, you also need to transfer all of your utilities, organise a removalist, enlist friends to help you move, clean out the pantry and fridge, fix up any damage and return your keys to the real estate, all within weeks!

It's easy therefore to run out of time on - or only half-heartedly perform - one of the most important tasks when moving: the end of lease clean. Failure to pay attention to detail in the cleaning process can be frustrating and turn out to be costly. While states and territories have different laws, it is widely expected that when you hand in the keys the property will be "reasonably clean".

While each agent and landlord has differing interpretations and definitions of what "reasonably clean" means, most agents prefer a property to be professionally cleaned. If you opt to do it yourself, some property managers can hold you to a higher cleaning standard. More importantly, if the property is not returned in a suitable condition, the agent may ask you to come back and fix it or even withhold part of your bond, to pay for professional cleaning.

This can be frustrating and in some cases even financially devastating, especially since moving home isn't cheap in the first place. While there are laws to protect the rights of tenants in these types of disputes, it can be better and more cost effective at times to just avoid the hassle altogether. By hiring a professional cleaner, you can not only save headaches but also a lot of precious time when you have little of it.

How to take the stress out of moving and guarantee your bond back

That's why more and more people are starting to turn to Home Service Provider Whizz - an online platform and app that connects thousands of Australian households with the best professionals in their area. To date, Whizz has facilitated more than 100,000 bookings and their message board is full of glowing reviews from satisfied customers. This is in large part due to Whizz's 100 percent bond-back and happiness guarantee, meaning you can hand your keys back with confidence.

"Every Whizz end of lease clean is assured with our bond-back guarantee," Julian Cooke, General Manager of Whizz explained. "This means that if your clean isn't approved by your real estate agent, we send the cleaners back to the job to make it right - at no additional cost to you."

To ensure that these high quality standards are met Whizz uses the same checklists as the actual real estate agents and therefore has been endorsed by real estate agents Australia-wide.

"Whizz provides excellent outcomes for both tenants and owners. They know exactly how to get a property ready for inspection, provide great checklists with photos and streamline the entire cleaning and removal process" says Kris Bondin, Movinghub CEO. "Movinghub and its extensive Real Estate partner network love working with Whizz."

How to take the stress out of moving and guarantee your bond back

In addition to this Whizz enforces a thorough vetting and screening process for every cleaner or professional that wants to work on the Whizz platform.

"Every one of our over 3,000 professionals has undergone an Australian police and ID check as part of their onboarding process and is well trained," explains Mr Cooke. "In comparison to other platforms, Whizz's professionals have years of experience, bring their own equipment and are all fully insured in case something happens."

Using Whizz technology is simple and straightforward. With just four simple steps Whizz's app assesses the job to be done, finds the best professional in the area, takes care of the allocation and provides photo evidence along with a checklist once the job is finished.

"Our mission is to make home services easy. Therefore the experience needs to be easy and convenient," Mr Cooke said. "We want to offer Australia a simple and trusted platform that stands for highest quality outcomes -- for every service around your home."

For more information or to connect with high quality cleaners and removalists in the Merimbula area visit: or download the Whizz App, now available on Google Play and from the App Store.

Story in partnership with Whizz.