140 years worth of stories and artefacts from the Kameruka Estate, on the Far South Coast

The Clock Tower at Kameruka. Photo supplied.
The Clock Tower at Kameruka. Photo supplied.

An exhibition featuring the day to day running of the Kameruka Estate over 140 years will be held at the Old Pambula Courthouse over two weekends starting on May 29.

The artefacts and records on display will tell stories of the different people and local families that were involved with the estate.

In the displays there will be original ledgers, property plans and old photos that had been donated to the Bega Valley Genealogy Society by Frank Foster.

"We've focused on quite a few of the people who worked there like the accountants, the manager, the gardeners, the cheesemakers," society president Elizabeth McIntyre said.

"We've written about the cheesemaker, Andrew Godfrey, who was really well known and Doolin from the Kameruka and Bemboka tribe, who was also known as Tommy the Huntsman."

Ms McIntyre said he had been known as Tommy the Huntsman for managing the Walker family's pack of foxhounds.

In the 1850s the Walker brothers brought in a shipload of German workers and many of their descendants are still living in the district.

The exhibition encouraged locals to reconnect with their family history and for people to learn about the long history of the estate.

"People can come along and say oh that's my great grandfather," Ms McIntyre said.

"We've been wanting to do something on the Kameruka Estate for a while."

Ms McIntyre said their goal was to make the history of the estate accessible to the community due to it being a major part of the Bega Valley's history.

She said the Kameruka Estate had up to 67 houses, public buildings, a church, school and sporting facilities, developed by Sir Robert Lucas-Tooth.

Ms McIntyre said Lucas-Tooth had developed the property along the lines of an English village and was largely self-sufficient.

The Kameruka exhibition will be held at the Old Pambula Courthouse on Toallo Street, admission is $5 per adult and free entry for children.

It will be held on Saturday and Sunday May 29-30, as well as June 5-6.

The exhibition will open from 10am and close at 4pm each day.

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