Merimbula Letters to the Editor, December 9

Letters: Merimbula Lake closure would devastate town

Vale Merimbula Lake

For the last couple of years Merimbula Bar has been silting up, causing problems for our bigger tourist boats and the Marine Rescue boats.

The Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club (MBGLAC) recently prepared a comprehensive report on this problem. On September 7, they sent it to the Member for Bega, Andrew Constance, asking for at least a feasibility study into the long-term management of the Merimbula Lake entrance.

Their research indicates that if nothing is done to rectify the siltation, the lake entrance will eventually close, similar to Mogareeka and Wallagoot Lake. If that is allowed to happen, we would lose all whale watching and charter boats, our oyster industry would cease to exist and the hundreds of fisher people with trailer boats would go elsewhere. Also, we would lose our Marine Rescue presence altogether.

Currently, Marine Rescue is limited to a couple of hours each side of high tide. If that does not coincide with the morning small boat fishing period, we would have 100 or more small boats out there without Marine Rescue back-up.

A dead lake would be devastating for the town. We have had too many setbacks recently so we cannot allow this to happen.

John Carlton, Merimbula

Disgraceful behaviour

The disgraceful behaviours displayed by the BVSC throughout the last 30 years of residence never seem to end. The lack of value added to the ever-expanding groups of volunteers is astonishing.

No wonder so many new council employees move on. The barricades erected by historic staff in my three decades of observation include "Follow the Money" tattooed into their brains.

While the BVSC patches deserted streets, community development flourishes when learning and educational opportunities are supported.

Museums like the historic school in Merimbula and Eden's marine research centre and whale museum provide pleasure and interest to residents and visitors. Information centres for tourists and newcomers are hounded to provide an income for the BVSC.

A recent disgrace, that was probably noted only by the University of the Third Age based at Tura Beach, was the demise of the Learning Centre in Merimbula. It's two-year survival as an educational resource died as the clock struck midnight, commandeered by the council as office accommodation at commercial rates of rent.

I also remember when the BVS had a WEA - Workers Education Association. Ours died long ago but another regional WEA in NSW advanced as a college associated with another university when its 40-odd years a college incorporating vocational education.

Bring on regional governance ASAP! The boundaries appear to have been scoped - just Google CRJO and take a look.

Meanwhile, I trust that the community will be energised to defend and protect the Old School Museum in Merimbula.

Nanette Anderson, Tura Beach

Ranting against charges

Council is at it again..."who can we rip off this year?"

Firstly there was the charge for storm water removal from private properties. Same as it has been for 100 years but suddenly needed a charge.

Secondly, rural properties - let's charge them a few to check their septic systems which we okayed and passed.

Next came garbage charges. If you live along the route, even if you don't use the service you have to pay. Tarraganda Hall went through this and I had to threaten to return the bins to the council chambers.

A land owner along Tarraganda Lane who has no building permission due to a flood plain still was expected to pay.

Now the money grabbing from historical societies. Same council.

Sack the person who comes up with these ideas and you'll save a lot of money.

End of rant. Let's see what's next.

Peter Van Bracht, Angledale

What's the explanation?

Much has been written about the council's rate increases sent to community volunteer organisations occupying council managed or owned buildings. Little has been said about the reasons offered by councillors for this, despite their backdown these questions should still be raised and answered.

Unfortunately the council has not offered the community any explanation at all. Is it simply a cash grab by a council unable or unwilling to rein in their expenses? Is it driven by some "business model" of user pays? Who would know.

That it was a bad decision is clear, but how many like decisions is the council currently considering particularly given the council appears to have no desire to make capital expenditure decisions rationally.

Surely sensible decisions are possible by councillors without the need to for a public backlash for them to see the "light".

Robert Geary, Merimbula

Qantas arrival

We are so happy to hear of this great service and will use your airlines and hope that the prices will not be as high as REX. They were always too high. For those people needing to go to doctors in Sydney and couldn't drive, this is great news. Thank you.

Warren Coates, Central Tilba

Moruya flights?

Will you continue to have flights going to Moruya? I have a daughter and grand kids that I visit down there.

Bob Walkley, Nelson Bay

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