South Coast Leisure Times: summer 2020-21

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Greenwell Point is a beautiful place to visit in summer.

Greenwell Point is a beautiful place to visit in summer.

Welcome to the South Coast

With optimistic caution, we once again welcome warmer months on the South Coast.

It's now 12 months on from the summer the coast will never forget. The bushfires that wreaked havoc on our coastal towns and villages still affect us today.

While shop keepers, business owners, residents and workers rallied together to recover and then rebuild what they could, the coast, and indeed the world, was dealt a bigger blow.

COVID-19 threatened to undo all the hard work and more.

But we persevered. We prevailed.

We kept moving forwards.

Businesses adapted, offering innovative products and embracing the digital world.

The community has risen to the occasion, strongly supporting local shops, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, retailers, bars, clubs and organisations of all kinds.

It's been entirely heartening to see.

The suffering and loss has brought out the best in people and brought them together.

Hopefully it's a lesson we take with us into a new future - whatever that may look like.

Regardless, the South Coast will always be a beautiful place to live and to visit. There's still so much to do, albeit socially distant (and with lots of hand sanitiser!)

The beaches are among the most stunning in the world - that's no exaggeration. If you are taking a dip or enjoying one of the many watersports on offer remember to stay safe.

If you'd rather be on dry land, the choices are nearly endless. There are still plenty of events and activities taking place, just phone ahead to make sure you are booked and aware of any restrictions.

Outside the national parks, walking trails, forests and beaches are all great places for a stroll or perhaps even a run or a cycle.

If you'd like to stay completely sun safe, the region's many galleries, wine cellars, bars, clubs and restaurants should keep you happy. There are some festivals and fun happening this season too, so keep an eye out.

All the best for your summer and here's to a happy and healthy 2021.

Best wishes,

From the South Coast Leisure Times team

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