An urgent call for a home for these two boys

Blue and Sox are bonded brothers, five years old and were adopted by their carer about three years ago.

As you can see they are very handsome boys but are also quite flighty and nervous. They live on a rural property where they spend most of each day in a large "well appointed" cat run.

They do get out for a couple of hours each afternoon. However, this daily routine took over a year to establish as it has only been recently that they have been able to be picked up when outdoors.

As their carers are relocating, Blue and Sox need to find a new home and due to their natures, it would be difficult for them to be placed with new carers to then be rehomed once again down the track.

People who have experience and confidence in handling cats, and in particular male cats, would be best to inquire further about Blue and Sox. A suitable cattery/cat run set up will be essential and perhaps a family who have been cat breeders or cat carers in the past, who may already have a good set up, would be suitable.

Blue and Sox are not at all aggressive toward people, are very smoochy and affectionate, and really are charming, gorgeous boys.

Their carer family has found the experience of first taking them in, and developing their trust and confidence to be a very rewarding experience and will miss the unique relationship they all have. Blue and Sox are not to be separated. They are desexed, chipped, vaccinated, worm/flea treated and vet checked. Cost $100 for both. You can view available animals on the AWL Far South Coast Facebook page but you will need to call the branch on 0400372609 (phone hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)to inquire about any of the many cats, kittens, dogs and pups available for adoption.