Football success has 'Hoppers bouncing for joy

Around 300 hundred juniors and as many as 50 open ladies have just wrapped up a shortened football season hosted by the Merimbula Grasshoppers.

Grasshoppers seven-a-side co-ordinator Hugh Jesina said the club were thrilled with the response and positive play across the eight-round season.

"We're all very happy with how it went off," Mr Jesina said. "We had an idea of how many we were expecting, but seeing the kids turning up and the effort from the coaches and clubs that they put in - at the end of the day we were surprised by how many people turned out and enjoyed it."

Mr Jesina said as the host club the Grasshoppers were confident of their own numbers, but said it was an incredible response from other clubs across the FSC Football Association and praised it as a "massive involvement".

The Eden Killer Whales and Wolumla Tigers have been among many to show gratitude for the Hoppers hosting a season.

"We can't thank Merimbula Grasshoppers Football Soccer Club enough for the opportunity for our kids to play football this year," the Killer Whales shared on social media.

"We fielded teams in all age groups from under 8s to under 16s and despite a few washouts early we managed to get plenty of games and heaps of fun."

Wolumla's Mark Anderson also praised the competition saying the Wolumla 12s enjoyed the chance to play this year.

Ladies contesting the Covid Cup draw come together for a photo at the completion of the final round of the women's draw on Sunday.

Ladies contesting the Covid Cup draw come together for a photo at the completion of the final round of the women's draw on Sunday.

The Covid Cup women's event also saw four rounds of matches with players from Merimbula, Eden, Wolumla and Tathra coming together.

Mr Jesina said the Covid Cup owed a lot to Suzie Devon alongside Dan Ferrara, Karen McCamish and Deb Heron from Eden, Tathra's Hugh Pity and others to pull together the draw.

"They all put in a massive effort to get it going and I think will develop and strengthen the women's comp for next year, they'll know each other better and know their style which will improve the games," he said.

Despite two successive washouts, a weight of enthusiasm allowed the Hoppers to extend the draw by two weeks to complete the full junior draw.

"We were eager to get something together for the kids," Mr Jesina said. "The washouts were annoying, but the best thing was to just keep going.

"[A highlight for me] was being social and competitive games you're really allowing everyone to have a good crack and have a go - it was all about building a strong experience."

Mr Jesina encourages people across all sporting clubs to see if they can help out as it can be difficult to ask for help, but as the adage goes many hands make light work. "Otherwise a lot falls on a few people, but a little bit of help can go a long way," he said.