Science of bushfire risk at heart of UOW memorial lecture

The Science of Bushfire Risk is the topic of next week's Allan Sefton Memorial Lecture, hosted by the UOW School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences.

Professor Ross Bradstock, UOW

Professor Ross Bradstock, UOW

The online seminar presented by Professor Ross Bradstock will discuss how, when and why fire seasons occur, how to better deal with them, and "achieving a peaceful coexistence with fire".

The late Allan Sefton was well known to residents of the Illawarra and further afield for his work as a naturalist and conservator of the local environment.

In recognition of his contributions to environmental science in the Illawarra region, the Allan Sefton Memorial Lecture was established in 1993 and is a public occasion where a distinguished Australian scientist speaks on a topic of wide environmental interest.

On Friday, August 21, Professor Bradstock will present "The Science of Bushfire Risk: Toward achieving 'peaceful co-existence' with fire".

"The forested regions of eastern Australia have experienced the largest fire season in their recorded history, resulting in significant human and economic losses and major impacts on environmental processes and biodiversity," a flyer for the lecture reads.

"Scientific knowledge can potentially help us to understand how, when and why fire seasons, such as 2019/20, occur and how to better deal with them to meet the future challenges of a rapidly changing world.

"Examples of scientific knowledge and innovation will be discussed along with key knowledge gaps and how these might be filled. This will illustrate how science can illuminate difficult policy decisions, provide technological capacity to support operations and empower individuals and communities living in fire prone regions to be better prepare and adapt to a more flammable future.

"This will be crucial if we are to accept, use and coexist with fire, in a more peaceful way."

The seminar is on Friday, August 21, 5.30pm. Visit info.uow/seals for further details and click here to register.

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