Letters to the editor

Water is no problem now for the many birds that inhabit Panboola, after more than 100mm was recorded in the last couple of days.
Water is no problem now for the many birds that inhabit Panboola, after more than 100mm was recorded in the last couple of days.

Another look at outfall

Dear Kristy,

Congratulations on winning the Eden Monaro seat for the ALP. It will be good to see a local representing our electorate.

I realise that your new role will be very demanding at the moment, however I would like to raise the issue of the Deep Ocean Outfall (DOO) proposed by Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC) which you will be well aware of.

Im a member of the local group SWAMP, who are trying to get the shire to consider alternatives to dumping the waste water from the Merimbula/Pambula sewage treatment plant into our beautiful bay. We are seeking the support of the Labor Party to help change BVSCs thinking on this proposed outfall.

Our goals are to achieve better use of a critical resource water and to stop further pollution of our ocean.

I have been reading up on the Australian Labor Party's policies on the environment, water sustainability and ocean protection. Im sure you are already aware of these documents and what they contain.

The ALP policy on environmental protection and sustainable use of our resources appear to support our SWAMP objectives, however as the old saying goes the proof is in the pudding.

Labors policies note that it will support local non-government groups to protect our environment and to develop sustainable use of our natural resources, which is what SWAMP is trying to achieve.

Labor identifies the importance of our farming industry to Australia and that sustainable use of our resources (water) is vital to the industry. Recycling our waste water makes good common sense for our local farmers in the Bega Valley Shire to be able to maintain viable businesses and reduces the threat to our already polluted oceans.

In your new role, the SWAMP group would like to think that we would have your (and the ALPs) support in changing the BVSCs thinking on the proposed deep ocean outfall, and help encourage them to follow their own Statement on Climate Change and Sustainability.

We look forward to hearing from you

Trevor Brown, SWAMP, Tura Beach

Sad fact of business

Its a sad fact Isabel Robinson (MNW Letters, 22/7) that while our dairy farmers are beaten down by the exorbitant cost of electricity and outfits like Farmers for Climate Action, the dairy cow, heifer and semen trade to China is growing strongly. Not burdened by outrageous climate claims, Chinese production will shrink our market share.

It's also inevitable that carbon rent-seekers will eventually force Bega Cheese to close or move closer to markets or less costly, more reliable supply; say to New Zealand where agricultural emissions don't count. What will Kristy McBain say about that?

Isabel, it's easier not to care, but Australia used to have the most efficient rice industry on the planet. Now silos are empty, the mills have ground to a halt; once-thriving communities are declining and they flush the water down the river to irrigate the Southern Ocean. Increasing costs and water insecurity has also forced the Victorian dairy industry into decline.

Underpinning our fuel security problem, oil refineries have closed in Sydney and Thevenard (WA); Brisbane's next, leaving three and counting down. Despite all that free electricity, Rio Tinto says that at current power prices its three Australian aluminium smelters, which employ 2600 workers are not sustainable.

And what don't you understand about Canberra's trams being made in Spain; new trains being imported from India; basic medical needs such as masks and PPE being imported with just about everything else from China?

Oh wait ... the BVSC budget-hole averages to around $100 per household. Smile and pass the hat!

Bill Johnston, Port Macquarie (ex-Bemboka)