Council to hold extraordinary meeting on finances

Council to hold extraordinary meeting on finances

Council has announced it will hold an extraordinary meeting on Monday, July 13 at 10am via Zoom.

The meeting was requested by Crs Robyn Bain and Mitchell Nadin under the council's adopted code of meeting practice.

The request seeks an independent assessment of council's present financial position (as at 30/6/20) prior to final annual audit so as to "ground-truth a sound future financial commitment in its Long Term Financial Plan, Resourcing Strategy, Delivery and Operational plan for 20/21 financial year," according to Crs Bain and Nadin.

The request for an extraordinary meeting follows questions from both councillors at the last meeting on June 24 regarding council's financial situation.

The questions related to differences in the cash reserve figures in the audited accounts for the financial year 2018/19 and what followed in quarterly budget reviews.

Council's general manager said that the audited figures were correct and that the quarterly figures were being investigated.

The councillors have also questioned the amount of money in the unrestricted cash reserve, how much had been spent during the financial year 2019/20 and where that left council's unrestricted cash reserve for the start of the financial year 2020/21.

Council has said that answers to these questions would be made available at the extraordinary meeting.

The meeting will be live streamed to council's website and the results of the meeting will be communicated to the community, council said.