Message to stay at home

Michelle Pettigrove: Closing the doors at Black Daisy.
Michelle Pettigrove: Closing the doors at Black Daisy.

President of the Pambula Business Chamber Michelle Pettigrove is closing her shop, Black Daisy.

On Thursday afternoon, March 26, she didn't have to but felt it was the right step to take.

"Retail is really hurting but we can't look at ourselves separately. We have to be part of the push to stay at home. Black Daisy has not been told to but we will, Ms pettigrove said.

"Good on those who are continuing but the rest of us have to take a really brave step. This has to be a global decision to encourage everyone to stay at home," Ms Pettigrove said.

She is encouraging everyone to "stay healthy, stay creative, kind and patient and stay at home".

"That's our message to the chamber members and I want to encourage businesses to use the time to apply for the bushfire grants," Ms Pettigrove said.

It's a message reinforced by member for Bega Andrew Constance in a Facebook post where he asks people to stay at home and not to holiday on the coast.