30 minute limit is no cut and dried matter

Rebecca Russell at Trendsetter Hair Studio. Photo Ben Marden
Rebecca Russell at Trendsetter Hair Studio. Photo Ben Marden

As the news hit of the latest restrictions due to COVID-19 hairdressing salon owners have been trying to work out how or even whether they can continue their business.

The 30 minute limit on any one client remaining in the salon at any time is making for creative thinking within the context of a safe environment.

At Trendsetter Hair Studio at Tura beach, owner Rebecca Russell believes they can carry on albeit in a different way.

"It's going to be challenging. We can put a colour on and then ask the client to sit in their car and come back in a certain amount of time. We think we can do regrowth (colour on roots) or a half head of foils but a full head of foils that's not on," Rebecca said.

"I reckon we can do a shampoo, cut and dry, we're pretty efficient. We're trying the best to accommodate what people need. But I wish I had a crystal ball," Rebecca said.

At Pambula Dean and Sasha Usher who own Usha's are not sure they will be able to continue with Sasha saying they were thinking of closing by Friday, March 27.

"You might be able to do a men's cut in 30 minutes but I don't think you can do much else. I think it's virtually impossible. I think within the next couple of days we will be closing. I don't want to get in trouble for overrunning the 30 minutes," Sasha said.

But Sasha remains sanguine about their situation.

"We lost two weeks trade in the fires but it's the same for everyone. After the fires I'm not so worried - that was terrifying. We were four days without a roof over our heads and constantly on the move. This does not even touch the sides," Sasha said.