Grace's gift to children with cancer

Grace Oliver wanted to grow her hair; she didn't like short hair and was delighted when after a couple of years she could almost sit on it.

But then she saw an advertisement about kids with cancer and how the chemotherapy treatment meant they lost their hair.

"The ad had kids saying they wished they had hair and it would make them feel happier. I thought they deserve my hair more than I do," 11-year-old Grace said.

"I thought they could have some of my hair," Grace said.

After finding out how to donate hair and checking she had sufficient length - at least 35.5cm, on Wednesday, December 11 Grace went to 2Blonde in Pambula and lost her locks.

Proud dad David Oliver said Grace made the decision by herself.

"With no prompting from us, she has decided that she would cut her precious hair and then donate her golden locks to be made into a wig for those less fortunate than herself," Mr Oliver said.

I didn't worry because I knew I could grow it back again and it would help people," Grace said.

Although she admitted that "it does feel weird because I used to have to pull it out from under my collar when I got dressed".

Grace's hair was plaited and has now been sent away and along with other donated hair will be made into a wig for a child going through chemotherapy to have.