Councillors flush out more info via toilet motion

Councillors have asked staff to give them more information on the state of play of public toilets in the shire so that the community knows when they are due for maintenance or upgrades.

A high level strategy document on toilets was rejected in favour of a more detailed plan for each set of toilets after Cr Mitchell Nadin spoke of his disappointment about the strategy report.

"I believe we have been waiting for this strategy since Cr Tony Allen brought up toilets three years ago. I have been personally holding off. The toilets in Merimbula are despicable and should have been bulldozed," Cr Nadin told council.

"I am very disappointed in this report and the amount of time it has taken. I don't know why it took so long; it should not be adopted."

Cr Nadin suggested that a deadline of the first meeting in 2020 be set for a new report so that council could "start to prioritise our toilets, should they be shut down, painted, upgraded".

Cr Nadin said he wanted to see more detail and for the strategy to be linked to the asset management plan because tying the two together was "pivotal".

But council's director assets and operations Anthony McMahon, said a lot of work was needed and bringing a report back to the first meeting in 2020 was unrealistic given the work staff were doing on accounts and preparation for a potential special rate variation for swimming pools.

Cr Nadin agreed to a deadline of the first quarter of 2020 saying the intent was for "a comprehensive document for the public to see and stop asking us questions all the time"..