Watching Eden cruise ship arrival from a new angle

With the P&O Pacific Explorer towering above the newly extended Eden Wharf, it was hard to find an angle to capture everything in a camera lens and do the incredible scene justice.

You don't realise the scale of these immense ships until one is parked just metres from you. And the Explorer is not even among the largest in the fleet.

What did catch my eye though were some intriguing angles and views of elements of the ship and its auspicious arrival in Eden.

While there's of course the main focus of it being able to pull in alongside the wharf and disgorge passengers directly into the markets, there is still a bustle of small-scale activity to make that happen.

Like the tugboat operators helping transfer the mooring lines, or the radio operators poking out through holes in the side of the ship - or the glass floor jutting out from the bridge about six storeys up! Breathtaking.

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