Successful writers' retreat

The Writers of the Far South Coast (WFSC) recently held their fifth annual winter writers retreat at Kianinny Bush Cottages near Tathra. The event sold out and proved very productive for the 30 local and visiting writers from across Australia.

With no distractions it was a productive retreat which allowed writers to network during the breaks.

Optional group sessions were provided each morning led by skilled mentors and intended to inspire, motivate and improve writing techniques. This year there were five mentors: Amanda Midlam, Chris Andrews, Dr Rob Porteous, Suzanne Kirally and Dr Rae Luckie.

WFSC president Amanda Dalziel said it was a special and unique environment which saw retreaters keep coming back.

"I think a big part of its success each year is because I put trust in our retreaters to chip in to make the retreat what they need it to be. They're asked to share a two-bedroom cottage with another author and to bring a cake or a slice to contribute for morning and afternoon tea. Those two simple favours set the tone to be one of collaboration and inclusivity.

"The whole weekend is very informal and welcoming, laid-back and cruisy - with very few structured activities offering more time to just write. I mean, that's the point, isn't it?"

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