Kokoro Kai Goju karate students hit high targets

AKF state team qualifiers Rhythm Marshall, Alicia Gauld, instructor Shihan Rob Graham and Tamerah Boffa at the NSW Cup event.
AKF state team qualifiers Rhythm Marshall, Alicia Gauld, instructor Shihan Rob Graham and Tamerah Boffa at the NSW Cup event.

Three members of the Bega Valley's Kokoro Kai Goju Karate dojo have made the NSW State team.

Rhythm Marshall, Tamerah Boffa and Alicia Gauld have all made selection after dominant displays at the NSW Cup in Sydney recently.

Run by the Australian Karate Federation, the Cup is a hotly contested event and Fifth Dan instructor Shihan Rob Graham said he was incredibly proud of the trio who came home with a gold medal, silver medal and a bronze medal each.

"We had to get there early to warm up and the trip faced some fierce competition in both the sparring and kata [movements]," Shihan Graham said.

"Especially Rhythm, he was part of a large division that featured some very seasoned competitors."

The team selection is a feather in the cap for students of the dojo with seven also competing in the National All Styles (NAS) State Titles in Canberra recently.

The students competed in both the kata and kumite (fight-sparring) events and claimed a plunder of medals with 10 gold, eight silver and four bronze medals between the contingent.

Tamerah Boffa, Alicia Gauld and Rhythm Marshall made repeat appearances, while they were also joined by Andrew Pamplin, Ryan Marsh, Lachlan Charlton-Seamn and Sensei Graham Cooper.

The local contingent were so successful that all seven entrants have earned places at the NAS National Championships, which will be held in Victoria in November.

"Each and everyone of them should hold their head up and be proud, they've achieved something not many people in a small country area get to," Shihan Graham said.

Meanwhile, the AKF State team-qualifying trio are straight into an increased training regimen already Shihan Graham said ahead of the AKF Nationals in August.

The Nationals will be held in Launceston, Tasmania.

The team travels to Sydney this weekend for two training sessions on Saturday and Sunday, while also taking part in a grading test on Saturday morning.

"I am so very honoured and proud of all my students," Shihan Graham said.

"I know each of them will give their all in these upcoming prestigious competitions and I congratulate them on their incredible results."

The instructor said it was phenomenal for the local Kokoro Kai Goju dojos to be recognised at a state level and said each of the students could wear their medals - and state team jackets - proudly.

Anyone interested in learning martial arts can contact Shihan Robert Graham of the Kokoro Kai Goju Karate dojos on 0427 945 930.