Merimbula Letters to the Editor, June 12

Lantern Walk

To everyone who came to the Lantern Walk, the young and the young at heart, thank you for attending this inaugural event. Wow, what a night. The smiles and excitement on the faces of the little ones was priceless.

I would like to thank the Merimbula Jazz Festival committee for their support and in particular, the president, Kevin Walsh for embracing this idea from the start.

This event would not have been possible without the support of many others including the teachers from the local schools and pre-schools who played such a huge role in showing kids how to make lanterns, D'arcy Llewellyn for being my Facebook Champ, the brilliant Town Crier, the oar-some Merimbula Water Dragons, the vigilant Merimbula RFS for escorting the walkers, Rotary Club of Merimbula for manning the first-aid station, the army of volunteers and last but not least, the spectacular Brothers OnFire for providing a fitting end to the Lantern Walk. To each and everyone of you, thank you.

From the outset, this was to be an event to bring families together and one which was accessible to the whole community. Seeing everyone gather happily and peacefully in Spencer Park was heartwarming and made it all worthwhile!

Vera David, organiser Lantern Walk

Lake Street path

BVSC councillor Robyn Bain, employing a royal 'We', portrays the Merimbula Lake Street shared pathway as "a path we never wanted" ('End of the road?' MNW 5/6/19).

Really, who is she speaking for?

The initiative to gain funding for it was all local; people seriously concerned about the risks to pedestrians young and old, some with babies in prams, alongside joggers and cyclists going to and from Bar Beach and the Wharf, and in larger numbers during the tourist season.

There was also interest in providing wheelchair access along the path and extending the popular 'Boardwalk' construct further around the lake.

The failure to deliver it was all down to Bega Council's incompetence in planning and budgeting. Its delayed then botched consultation process led to the project proposal running out of time; perhaps that was the intent.

May now be time for the council to listen to what 'we the people' want.

The risks to lives on that narrow and bendy street lacking a footpath, where even oncoming traffic can be obscured by the unmanaged motley scrub, remain unacceptable.

The council has a duty of care here and it cannot dismissively abandon that responsibility.

Mike Gallagher and Nonie McKinnon, Merimbula

End of the Road?

There appears to be some misconception about the need for construction of a shared pathway along Lake Street in Merimbula.

For well identified reasons, those living locally have rejected any changes in the traffic flows on Lake and Wyeebo Streets.

However, for the safety and convenience of pedestrians and cyclists, the proposed pathway does need to be considered a project of high priority - indeed a necessity, and not simply be left regarded as "a path we never wanted".

Barb and Harry Solomon, Merimbula

Sub-branch meeting

The Merimbula RSL sub-branch will be holding its monthly meeting on Monday, June 17, starting at 2 pm. Members are asked to attend and visiting sub-branch members are also welcome.

Tony Toussaint, secretary

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Winter has brought with it some amazing sunrises, like Tuesday's over Merimbula captured here by Christopher Nicholls

Winter has brought with it some amazing sunrises, like Tuesday's over Merimbula captured here by Christopher Nicholls